Laser Eye Surgery Costs and Pricing

Here are prices for laser eye surgery.

Compare Prices

It is a very personal decision to undertake laser eye surgery and it is therefore clearly important that you consult a number of professionals before deciding to do so.

As we’ve discussed previously, there are a number of different types of laser eye surgery and so the price of the procedure is dependent on the type that is carried out.

Below gives a representative example of the cost of laser eye surgery:

Treatment Type  (Prices are per eye) From To
LASEK / PRK £1,195 £1,795
LASIK £1,195 £2,700
LASEK (Wavefront) £1,495 £2,450
LASIK (Wavefront) £1,695 £3,250
ReLex SMILE £2,495 £3,250

The final figure is dependent on not only the type of procedure, but which surgery you visit and the current condition of your eyes.

To ensure that you receive the best treatment, you should compare the clinics and what they offer and speak with a number of different surgeons. We have a list of the top surgeons here with some of their experience to help you make your decision.