About us

The Better You was established in 2015 and aims to provide readers with practical knowledge and insight to better their own lives.

We believe that people should not judge their own health against that of other people that they know, or do not know (e.g. on social media).

We hope that by encouraging people to take this perspective, they will be able to overcome many of the mental and physical challenges that life presents.

We lead with science-based information and will not offer advice on services or products that are not backed by evidence. We believe that this evidence should be peer-reviewed research papers and not evidence that is provided by the company selling the product or service.

You will see that we do not run adverts on our site. This is to assure our readers that we are offering impartial advice.

We have opted for a simple site design that puts the written word at the forefront of the reader’s experience.

If you would like to speak with someone on our team, you can contact us directly. We are currently hiring writers and editors to add to our already strong team of content creators.

Editorial Policy

At The Better You, we provide unbiased and informative content. We pride ourselves on our integrity, and so we want to be clear that we have no monetary relationship with any of the products that are featured on our pages.

We do not receive payment for comment or review on any products on our site. There is no monetisation on this site.

We hope that this means that our content remains impartial and gives you, the reader, the reassurance you need to be able to trust what you read here.